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C++ Programming is a widely-used and versatile programming language that builds the foundation for modern software development. Skilled C++ Programmers can create fast, efficient, and powerful applications to cater to your specific business or personal needs. To leverage the talents of a dedicated programmer in developing your custom software, consider hiring via Freelancer.com using this link: C++ Programming.

Here's some projects that our expert C++ Programmers made real:

  • Complex artificial intelligence-driven automation tools
  • High-performance trading bots for cryptocurrency markets
  • Customized video analysis software using deep learning techniques
  • Innovative solutions for computer graphics and sprite manipulation
  • Kernel-level programming for operating systems enhancements
  • Advanced camera control applications for multimedia setups
  • Efficient compiler development for new programming languages
  • Technical support and teaching services for engineering concepts

Finding an experienced C++ Programmer on Freelancer.com provides you with the specialized expertise required to bring your ideas to life. By hiring a talented freelancer, you gain access to an extensive pool of professionals ready to collaborate with you on your next project. Their combination of creativity and know-how ensures your application will be in line with modern standards, reach its full potential, and help you achieve success.

The diverse range of completed projects listed above showcases the broad scope of talented professionals available on Freelancer.com. With their assistance, you can push the boundaries of what you thought possible and explore entirely new opportunities with custom-built solutions suited just for you.

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    I'm seeking a proficient Python developer to create an autobet bot for me, leveraging a value betting strategy on the Aviator platform. Key functionalities should involve: - Automatic placement of bets, minimizing human error - Real-time tracking of data to ensure the most accurate and profitable bets - Automatic log-in and out process for efficiency and security The ideal freelancer should have experience in Python coding, bot creation, and a clear understanding of betting platforms. If you're familiar with Aviator and value betting strategies, even better! Your insights and skills will be invaluable for this project. I look forward to collaborating with an innovative thinker who can deliver a proficient, tailored autobet bot to enhance my betting on Aviator.

    $46 (Avg Bid)
    $46 Avg Bid
    3 bids

    hi i study software engineering and we got a project to do with yacc/baison i want you to make it for me i upload the project here

    $131 (Avg Bid)
    $131 Avg Bid
    3 bids

    I need a skilled software developer to create a protocol software in Linux that will be able to parse data from IoT devices. This software should be able to listen for data transmitted from these devices. The devices use HTTP as a communication protocol and send data in binary format. The purpose of this project is to create a listening and data parsing software that can handle the HTTP communication protocol and parse the incoming binary data from the IoT devices. The data is meant for real-time monitoring, so the software should be optimized for speed and efficiency. Key requirements: - Development of a Linux based software for parsing incoming binary data from IoT devices using HTTP protocol - The software should be designed for real-time monitoring Ideal skills and experience: - P...

    $715 (Avg Bid)
    $715 Avg Bid
    9 bids

    I'm looking for a skilled programmer who is proficient in Python, Java, and C++ to assist me with my upcoming programming project. Key Requirements: - Proficiency with Python, Java, and C++ - Experience in developing various types of applications and software systems

    $134 (Avg Bid)
    $134 Avg Bid
    21 bids

    I'm seeking a skilled and experienced professional to develop an AI-driven outbound calling solution tailored specifically for lead generation in the E-commerce sector. This project requires expertise in AI and telephony technology, as well as an understanding of the nuances involved in E-commerce lead generation. Key Project Requirements: -AI Bot Development: Creation of an AI bot using machine learning algorithms that can effectively conduct outbound calls for lead generation purposes in the E-commerce industry. -Human-like Interaction: The AI bot must be indistinguishable from a human caller. This involves training the bot to handle all customer queries and responses in a natural, human-like manner, ensuring that customers do not detect that they are speaking with a bot. Machine...

    $374 (Avg Bid)
    $374 Avg Bid
    2 bids

    I need a Telegram chat feature set up, with automated responses. Key Requirements: - Create a Telegram bot for the chat feature - Implement automated responses for the bot - The responses should be programmed to offer relevant and helpful information - Ensure that the bot is user-friendly and intuitive The ideal freelancer for this project: - Proficient in Telegram API and bot creation - Experience in developing chat automation systems - Capable of designing and setting up user-friendly interfaces - Able to work quickly and efficiently, completing the project ASAP.

    $21 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $21 / hr Avg Bid
    23 bids

    I am seeking a skilled software developer to create a mobile application for iOS and/or Android that utilizes voice-command technology to manage various aspects of an accounting system. Key Features: - Voice-command operated - Invoice Generation - Inventory Management - Accounting Software (Profit/Loss, Expenses) - Sales Analytics - Recipe Cost Calculations - Profit Margin Analysis - Savings and Investment Advice - Daily Sales Reporting - Stock Replenishment Alerts - Data Backup Solutions - Customer Loyalty Programs Security Measures: - User Authentication - Data Encryption The ideal candidate should have extensive experience in mobile application development, specifically in the Android and iOS platform, along with a solid understanding of accounting software and voice-command techno...

    $300 (Avg Bid)
    $300 Avg Bid
    11 bids

    I'm in search of a proficient developer in Mumbai, who can design and develop an algorithm for detecting landmarks on lateral cephalograms using deep learning. The additional requirement would be the integration of a formula that's capable of assessing the bone age for both boys and girls. While the client didn't specify the exact programming language for this project, a developer with a strong background in Python, Java, or C++ will be necessary. Similarly, the project can be implemented either through a web-based or desktop-based solution. Expertise in deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, or Keras is highly desirable, but the final choice will be left open for the developer. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in a programming language like Python, Java, or C++ ...

    $81 (Avg Bid)
    $81 Avg Bid
    8 bids

    I am seeking a proficient Python developer specialized in automation scripting. The primary task involves creating an algorithmic trading script with specific functionalities. Key Responsibilities: - Develop an automated trading script - Implement order placement functionality Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python, specifically in automation scripting - Experience with trading algorithms - Understanding of financial markets The developer should have a strong understanding of financial markets and have experience in creating trading algorithms, particularly those involved with order placement. This is a key aspect of the role. Application from those with a solid background in the finance-bros will be looked upon favorably.

    $93 (Avg Bid)
    $93 Avg Bid
    7 bids

    I want an application that works on any phone in the world, regardless of its operating system. The idea is that the phone’s flashlight can be turned into a regular flashlight, and you can also turn it into a projector through the application.

    $512 (Avg Bid)
    $512 Avg Bid
    37 bids

    As a client, I'm seeking a proficient Arduino developer who can create a tailored code for an Arduino Uno, which will be integrated with an LCD, RTC and push buttons. Key Requirements: - Adjustable Parameters: The code should allow adjustments to 'Timer' and 'Speed'. Knowledge of timers and speed control in Arduino programming is advantageous. - Interface: The system should have a user-friendly interface featuring a 'Start/Stop button' and 'Adjustable timer setting'. - Dealer Mode: The code must include a dealer mode that will be accessed via 'Password entry'. This mode should grant access to adjust additional parameters. Skills & Experience: - Extensive experience with Arduino Uno programming - Proficiency with Arduino IDE and...

    $105 (Avg Bid)
    $105 Avg Bid
    11 bids

    I am looking for an Arduino coding guru who can create adjustable parameters and a dealer mode for my project. Your work will be critical in controlling 8+ relays with the Arduino Uno, and setting up a schedule and run duration functionality. Key Deliverables : - An Arduino code that allows adjustments in schedule, run duration and relay activation time. - Dealer mode that provides deeper access and control over the parameters. - LCD user friendly interface for the programming and control of these features. Ideal Skills: - Advanced understanding of the Arduino platform - Proven experience in coding for Arduino Uno, and controlling relays. - Ability to work with physical parameters: RTC, LCD, and push buttons. - Experience in UI/UX design that caters to user-friendly LCD display interfac...

    $122 (Avg Bid)
    $122 Avg Bid
    14 bids

    Description: 256-Bit Encrypted Database and USB Verification System Objective: To develop a secure, encrypted system for verifying gadgets sold by my business. This project involves creating a 256-bit encrypted database, generating and managing unique serial numbers, and developing a USB-based verification process for end consumers. Key Components: 1. 256-Bit Encrypted Database Functionality: Design and implement a secure database that uses 256-bit encryption to store and manage 10-digit alphanumeric serial numbers. Requirements: High-level security and encryption standards to protect data. Efficient storage and retrieval of serial numbers. Secure data transfer protocols to prevent unauthorized access. 2. Serial Number Generation and Management Functionality: Develop...

    $1353 (Avg Bid)
    $1353 Avg Bid
    12 bids

    I am looking for an experienced Microsoft Flight Simulator developers to Expand the FlyInside team of developers and artists.. Creating new Helicopters using the proprietary C++ derived FlyInside Flight Simulator engine The ideal candidate for this job should: -A Team Player able to take direction. - Be well-versed in C++ programming language. - Have hands-on knowledge on manipulating and enhancing Microsoft Flight Simulator - Be knowledgeable in game development and PC/XBOX optimization to ensure the best gaming experience. -Be able to understand Aerodynamics and Flight Dynamic. An understanding of Systems for aircraft will also be helpful. helicopter experience would be quite beneficial This is an ongoing position with pay as well as royalties. I am excited to see how your skills an...

    $27 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $27 / hr Avg Bid
    21 bids

    I'm seeking a proficient developer to perfect and enhance a website testing platform. This tool should be able to run with 300 threads simultaneously and function cost-effectively without causing lag or glitches. Key Features: * Multiple proxy support * Specific page visit capability * Adjustable visit duration * Random features including referring links * Geo-specific searches It's crucial that the bot is compatible with Windows OS and also Mac os and maybe even linux, well see what's best. Ideal Skills and Experience: * Proficiency in software development * Familiarity with network and proxy handling * Possess a depth understanding of Windows compatibility * Prior experience with traffic testing tools would be beneficial. By integrating these features, the tool...

    $2280 (Avg Bid)
    $2280 Avg Bid
    56 bids
    PHP to C# Conversion 6 days left

    I have a project that was built using PHP but I need it converted to C#. I'm looking for a talented developer who is experienced in both PHP and C# to help with this conversion. Key points for the project are: - The project should maintain its current functionalities after the conversion. - Ideally, the project should be more optimized and perform better after the conversion. - There are no specific additional features required, just a clean and accurate conversion. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficient in both PHP and C# - Proven experience with project conversions - Strong understanding of project optimization - Good communication skills, as I'd like regular updates on the progress. I'm looking to work with someone who can deliver qu...

    $503 (Avg Bid)
    $503 Avg Bid
    52 bids

    I have a source code for a 3ds Max plugin that currently uses the Physique Modifier to export mesh and animation files for use in my game. I need a skilled developer to: Update the Physique Modifier in the Plugin: Ensure the plugin's Physique Modifier is up-to-date and functions correctly with the latest version of 3ds Max. Update the Physique Modifier in the Game: Integrate and ensure compatibility of the updated Physique Modifier within the game engine to handle the exported mesh and animation files properly. Requirements: Experience with 3ds Max plugins and the Physique Modifier Proficiency in C++ and Visual Studio Experience with game development and animation systems Ability to troubleshoot and resolve compatibility issues

    $138 (Avg Bid)
    $138 Avg Bid
    8 bids

    I'm in need of a skilled C developer to produce a specialized utility program, `teeme`, for my personal use. This utility is designed to handle moderately complex command pipelines, with specific syntax for pipes, byte counting, and file writing. Key Requirements: - Creation of a C utility program, `teeme`, on Ubuntu 20.04. - Ability to handle moderately complex command pipelines with multiple pipes. - Must support the specific syntax of `::` for pipes, `:c:` for counting, and `:w:` for writing. This project is intended for personal use and the primary goal of `teeme` is to fulfil a custom project requirement. The successful freelancer will need to have a solid understanding of C programming, particularly on Ubuntu, and the ability to handle complex command pipelines. Write "...

    $63 (Avg Bid)
    $63 Avg Bid
    9 bids

    PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE BIDDING. YOUR BID IS THE FINAL PRICE I WILL PAY. I am looking for someone to write a simple program to log all incoming and outgoing internet requests on a PC. This program will have NO user interface. This program will be an executable that will run from the command line with command line parameters, example: /OUTFILE=C:TEMPPROG-OUT.TXT. The program will run in the background and write/append the results to a tab delimited ASCII file, until the program is stopped. To stop the program the file c: must exist. Everything you see in a program like WireShark will be written to the ASCII text file, including: date, time, port, source IP, destination IP, protocol, length, program, folder, result, status, etc. The program must be able to identify when an atte...

    $143 (Avg Bid)
    $143 Avg Bid
    23 bids

    I am looking to hire a professional who can develop an addon/script for Autopsy, that specifically works on Windows. The primary function of this addon will be data extraction and file analysis but with the flexibility to incorporate any functionality if needed. Additionally, this project requires the implementation of image extraction and I'm open to discuss other possible functionalities as well. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in Autopsy and its architecture - Extensive background in Windows platform - Skilled in data extraction and file analysis - Experience with image extraction - Ability to customize and incorporate new functionalities - Strong communication and collaboration skills.

    $149 (Avg Bid)
    $149 Avg Bid
    1 bids
    Objective-C Expert needed. 6 days left

    I'm in need of an experienced Objective-C Individual developer to update the existing iOS app. The candidate must be expert in Objective-C UI/UX update. It's good to know React Native too. Looking forward to reviewing your proposals!

    $15 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $15 / hr Avg Bid
    26 bids

    I am seeking a highly skilled and experienced C++ CUDA developer to assist with a cryptographic key generation project. The primary objective is to generate both symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic keys. Additionally, the project involves integrating new private key generation code into the existing keyhunt CUDA project and modifying the program to run without requiring range parameters. Key Responsibilities: Develop efficient cryptographic key generation processes using CUDA technology. Integrate and update the provided private key generation code into the keyhunt CUDA project. Remove the range parameters from the keyhunt program to enable operation without specifying ranges in the command line. Ensure the code adheres to best practices in both cryptographic key generation and CUDA d...

    $89 (Avg Bid)
    $89 Avg Bid
    13 bids

    I'm in urgent need of an experienced developer who can help create a Telegram bot that facilitates cryptocurrency trading. Specifically, I'm looking for the bot to support trading on Binance, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Key Project Requirements: - The bot should enable users to execute trades directly from Telegram. This includes buying and selling various cryptocurrencies available on Binance. - The trading process should be seamless and user-friendly, ensuring that users can easily navigate and conduct trades without any hassles. - Implementing necessary security measures to protect user data and ensure safe transactions. - The bot should provide real-time updates on cryptocurrency prices on Binance. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experi...

    $194 (Avg Bid)
    $194 Avg Bid
    5 bids
    Telegram bot 6 days left

    Telegram bot Add a large amount of users to Telegram groups.

    $55 (Avg Bid)
    $55 Avg Bid
    14 bids

    I require a talented and experienced individual to build a custom algorithmic platform for trading options and futures on the market with tradingview strategy alerts, connecting them to to brokers api. Please provide examples of previous work and a brief explanation of your approach to algorithm development for trading.

    $125 (Avg Bid)
    $125 Avg Bid
    10 bids

    I'm seeking an experienced C++/C developer to assist with game logic programming for a gaming software project. It's crucial that you have a deep understanding of popular FPS games as this project is aimed at modifying and creating similar gaming elements. Key requirements: - Expert level experience in C++/C - Prior experience in game logic programming - Strong understanding and familiarity with popular FPS games Your responsibilities will be focused on implementing and modifying game logic elements, so a passion for FPS games and a solid understanding of their mechanics is essential. A good sense of creativity and innovation are also highly valued as we aim to introduce new and exciting features to the gaming software. The ideal candidate should be a proactive problem-solver a...

    $170 (Avg Bid)
    $170 Avg Bid
    24 bids

    I'm in need of a well-rounded software programmer, ideally proficient in programming languages such as Python, Java, and C++. However, I've left this open as I'm open to discussing the best possible language for the task at hand. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python, Java, C++ or equivalent high-level programming languages; - Proven record of software development and debugging; - Strong problem-solving skills; - Excellent communication skills. In your application, please include: - Details of your programming language proficiency (especially if you excel in Python, Java, C++); - Your past work and experience; - A comprehensive project proposal, stating how you plan to tackle this task. Although I've skipped indicating a specific deadline, I do value respon...

    $196 (Avg Bid)
    $196 Avg Bid
    28 bids

    I require a skilled Python and CUDA expert to change my custom python code into Cuda for private keys. Currently, I'm using Python for my project and I aim to port the existing Python code to C++ and optimize it using CUDA for parallel computing. Key responsibilities: - Porting existing Python code to C++ - Code optimization to enhance speed and efficiency - Algorithm development with a focus on parallel computing using CUDA Primary goals: - Increase the speed of the code - Implement efficient memory usage - Enhance the accuracy of calculations The ideal candidate will possess: - Strong proficiency in Python and C++ - Significant experience with CUDA for parallel computing - Proven track record in code optimization - Previous experience in algorithm development Your su...

    $162 (Avg Bid)
    $162 Avg Bid
    36 bids

    I'm looking for an expert in machine learning who can provide guidance on the right algorithms to use for my project, since I've yet to make a decision. Your tasks on this project will be helping me choose and implement the most suitable ML approaches. Any skills and experience in both supervised and unsupervised learning, reinforcement learning, predictive modeling, anomaly detection and recommendation systems would be a significant advantage. Your wealth of knowledge should provide new insights on my project's goals which have not yet been fully determined. i also want Desktop application

    $293 (Avg Bid)
    $293 Avg Bid
    21 bids

    I am a junior software engineer and i m working in Italy. I'm looking for an expert tutor with extensive experience in PX4 software, specifically with version 1.14. My goal is to accelerate my learning process through a few hours of personalized lessons, during which we can work on practical examples together. The areas I need assistance with include: Creating new drivers Understanding and working with uORB/topic Developing new MAVLink messages Managing communication with ROS2 and a companion computer (i have already experience with ros and gazebo) Integrating with QGroundControl I have read the documentation, but I need someone who can guide me through the practical aspects and help me become autonomous in these areas within 3-5 lessons. If you have the expertise and are interested...

    $27 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $27 / hr Avg Bid
    40 bids
    C++ Code Optimization 5 days left

    I am looking for a C++ developer who can optimize my existing code. - The ideal candidate should have strong experience in C++ programming. - I am looking for someone with a proven track record of code optimization. Details will be shared with successful bidder

    $535 (Avg Bid)
    $535 Avg Bid
    22 bids

    I need the modification of this software in attachment colliderbsgs scan large hexadecimal numbers that is checked to see any limitations. also modification to obtain backward scanning and possible graphical interface with executable startup on windows.

    $92 (Avg Bid)
    $92 Avg Bid
    7 bids

    I need a skilled Linux developer to update the kernel and add the latest NVIDIA Jetson TX2 driver to ensure compatibility with new hardware or software. Key Requirements: - Kernel Update: The current Linux system needs to be updated to the latest stable kernel version to maintain performance and compatibility. - NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Driver: The latest NVIDIA Jetson TX2 driver must be integrated into the system without any conflicts to ensure newly added hardware or software can function correctly. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Linux: Extensive experience with Linux systems and kernel updates. - Device Driver Integration: Proven track record in integrating drivers, particularly NVIDIA Jetson TX2 drivers, into Linux environments. - Troubleshooting: Ability to identify and resolve any conflic...

    $28 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $28 / hr Avg Bid
    21 bids


    $30 (Avg Bid)
    $30 Avg Bid
    4 bids

    I'm looking for someone experienced in creating Twitch chat bots and possibly with a background in web development or audio technology. The main functionality of this bot will be to play songs from Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Bandcamp upon viewer request in the chat. Key Features: 1. **Request Management:** The bot should be capable of managing song requests from the chat in real time. 2. **4 Platform Support:** The bot needs to seamlessly fetch and play songs from Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube and Bandcamp. 3. **Authorised Playlist:** Important to note that songs should only be playable if they come from an authorised playlist, which should be modifiable by an administrator. There's no set deadline for this project, so quality takes precedence over speed of delivery...

    $357 (Avg Bid)
    $357 Avg Bid
    40 bids

    I am seeking a skilled software developer to create a cloud-based software that streamlined automation for option trading. The main purpose is to develop a system that can execute different types of Options strategies (Straddles, Covered Calls, and Iron Condors) automatically. Key requirements: - Automated Trade Execution: The software should be able to automatically execute trades according to the implemented strategies. This is a crucial feature; experience in this area will enhance your proposal. - Options Trading: The system must accommodate Options trading. Profound knowledge about the mentioned Options strategies is important. - Risk Management: Although not chosen in the checkbox, it's a given that appropriate risk management measures should be incorporated. Ideal skills: -...

    $382 (Avg Bid)
    $382 Avg Bid
    13 bids

    I'm in need of a skilled developer who can build a highly reliable trading bot for Robinhood platform. This bot is expected to execute both long and short trades with complete automation in its buying and selling activities. Key Functions: - Ability to execute both long and short trades automatically - Automation in buying and selling activities without any involvement Ideal Candidate Experience: - In-depth understanding of programming trading bots - Extensive experience with the Robinhood trading platform - Proficiency in integrating bot functionalities with a trading platform - Solid track record of creating successful trading bots The main goal is the creation of an efficient, responsive, and profit-oriented trading bot. Candidates with a solid experience in such bot creations ...

    $247 (Avg Bid)
    $247 Avg Bid
    11 bids

    *Project Overview:* We are seeking a skilled algorithm developer to create a sophisticated algorithm designed to learn and optimize playing strategies for Blackjack using different number of decks as input. The objective is to develop a strategy that maximizes expected value based on dealt hands and remaining cards, akin to card counting systems but with a focus on automated decision-making. *Responsibilities:* Develop an algorithm capable of playing Blackjack with the following rules: -Blackjack hand pays 3 to 2 -Dealer stands on 17 and must draw to 16 -No surrender or insurance options -Implement the algorithm to: -Learn and determine the best actions (Hit, Double, Split, Stand) based on the player's hand and the dealer's up card. -Calculate optimal bet sizes in real-time bas...

    $514 (Avg Bid)
    $514 Avg Bid
    49 bids

    interface update for creating and editing mind maps that tell a story with yes,no,maybe checkpoints. TODO -add checklist to doubleclick on nodes for yes,no,maybe -would like to have things like descriptions of things that happen between each checkpoint. need color tracking of finished story and descriptions(with a check box) line color update (or distance) to next node. -use a play button to play the story , add 3 decision choices + skip per checkpoint yes,no,maybe with a double click for descriptions/with checkboxes to see what was done to calculate a score to influence the next checkpoint's maybe decision. -add image path option to each checkpoint while the story is playing it can show the image in a small box on the gui somewhere Ideal Experience and Skills: - Proficient in ...

    $137 (Avg Bid)
    $137 Avg Bid
    19 bids

    I'm seeking an expert in drone mechanics and software application to integrate a functional camera system onto my DJI M350 series drone. This camera should bear live streaming ability, high-resolution image capture, pan and tilt functionality, and video recording. Key Features Required: - Live streaming capability: To broadcast real-time footage. - High-resolution image capture: To take high-quality still pictures. - Pan and tilt functionality: To provide a broad field of view. - Video recording: To capture and store footage for later usage. The preference is for the camera to be operated via remote control. However, it should also be easily compatible with mobile app controls for future adjustments or enhancements. Special Requirement: - Heat resilience: The camera sho...

    $7663 (Avg Bid)
    $7663 Avg Bid
    29 bids

    Dear Freelancers, I want a longterm partner, who can share my workload and we can together work on different tech stacks, like Python/Django, Telegram Bot, AI bot development, ML (Machine Learning), C++ Programming, FinTech, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Cryptocurrency, WebRTC, MT4, MT5, MQL4, MQL 5, PineScript, Trading Software, Unity 3D, Gaming Apps, etc. Regards, Muhammad Abrar

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
    19 bids

    I'm seeking a proficient individual with expertise in both Houdini particle simulations and Unreal Engine 5. Your primary task will be to help me import my particle simulations from Houdini into Unreal Engine 5 successfully. Although I'm unsure of the specific Houdini version I am using, you should be able to troubleshoot and provide solutions irrespective of the version. Key responsibilities: - Troubleshooting and resolving issues with importing particle simulations to Unreal Engine 5 - Ensuring the simulations are compatible with the Unreal Engine 5 environment - Advising on best practices for simulation export and import Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experience in Houdini particle simulations - Strong background in Unreal Engine 5, particularly in importing simulatio...

    $122 (Avg Bid)
    $122 Avg Bid
    25 bids
    Senior Software Engineer 263 days left

    I'm looking for a seasoned Senior Software Engineer with experience in Java, Python, and C++ to work on a challenging project. Your primary responsibilities will be to create, manage and maintain our software applications. Key Responsibilities: - Developing high-quality software design and architecture - Identifying, prioritizing, and executing tasks in the software development life cycle - Developing tools and applications by producing clean, efficient code - Automating tasks through appropriate tools and scripting Ideal candidates for this role should have strong analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills, as well as experience in software development and coding in multiple languages. Your work will have a direct impact on the success of our business, so we're loo...

    $102 (Avg Bid)
    $102 Avg Bid
    60 bids

    As the driving force behind an innovative project, I'm seeking an experienced Solidity programmer. Key Responsibilities: * Develop smart contracts for Decentralized Applications (DApps) and Token * Deploy these contracts across various blockchain platforms such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, among others. Desired Features: * Ensure the incorporation of intricate functions including payment processing, token transfers, ownership management alongside automated functions and arbitrage in the smart contracts. Ideal Skill-set: * In-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with Solidity and Smart Contracts * Familiarity with Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain * A keen understanding of payment systems, token transfers, and ownership management within the blockchain sphere is crucia...

    $16 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $16 / hr Avg Bid
    17 bids

    I'm looking for a developer capable of designing a desktop software compatible with Windows. This software will track the inventory levels and prices from various suppliers. The key features needed include: - Providing real-time updates on inventory levels - Offering prompt alerts when inventory levels dip below a defined threshold - Enabling price comparisons from the various suppliers - Displaying inventory levels on the suppliers' websites (MOST IMPORTANT) The ideal freelancer for this project should have significant experience in desktop software development, particularly within inventory management and price tracking. Proficiency in Windows software development is a must. This individual should also have excellent problem-solving skills to effectively incorporate these com...

    $1219 (Avg Bid)
    $1219 Avg Bid
    89 bids

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