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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading cloud computing platform developed by Amazon. An Amazon Web Services Expert is a highly skilled individual who has the expertise to design, code and deploy a broad range of web applications and web services on AWS. They are also responsible for configuring, optimizing, and supporting complex distributed systems running on Amazon’s cloud infrastructure. AWS experts enable businesses to increase agility, reduce costs, and quickly provision resources as needed.

The AWS platform is built on a powerful combination of high availability, scalability, security and performance, making it an invaluable asset to small businesses and enterprises alike. Expert AWS providers can act as in-house IT staff and are able to quickly build powerful, secure applications for businesses with minimal effort. From setting up the network environment to managing applications that require high availability with high security levels, AWS experts can help clients make the most of their AWS platform within their budget.

Here's some projects that our expert Amazon Web Services Experts made real:

  • Hosting websites
  • Developing mobile apps
  • Creating virtual storage environments
  • Engaging in server consolidations & migrations
  • Using auto-scaling & load balancing services
  • Implementing web & application security measures
  • Constructing & deploying enterprise software solutions

Whether you need an experienced professional to set up your development environment or someone to maintain your existing infrastructure,'s experienced AWS experts can help you drive innovation and get more from your AWS investment. Get started now by inviting an expert Amazon Web Services Expert to help complete your projects today by posting a project on!

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer to help me integrate Argo-CD with CyberArk secret file. Below are the requirements and details: - Version: I'm using Argo CD v2.11 - Integration: I need Argo CD to pick CyberArk certificate files. This means Argo CD should be able to automatically retrieve the latest certificate file from CyberArk repository. Requirements: - Familiarity with Argo CD and CyberArk - Experience with certificate file handling in a CI/CD setting - Strong understanding of automation in CI/CD pipelines - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve integration issues

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    I'm looking for a freelancer with 1-3 years of experience with the Amazon SP API to fix our existing program problem. 1, We built an SQS queue with AWS. Originally, our program will retrieve the message from the queue and process it, store the SQS files in server directory. But, it stopped working suddently. unknow reason. No update to the corresponding DB table and No SQS files stored in server. Access via AWS SDK. 2, our system has 6 scripts which will use the following APIs which are depreciated. To update our system's Reports API and Feeds API from v2020-09-04 to v2021-06-30. All those scripts are using the clousale/amazon-sp-api-php library. The perfect candidate should have a solid understanding of how the Amazon SP API works and corresponding library. Please only ap...

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    We are looking to develop a web-based service that allows users to create WhatsApp links easily. Our service will enable users to generate links for individual WhatsApp numbers and offer a unique feature: dynamic link rotation. This feature will allow users to create a single link that can randomly redirect to one of multiple specified WhatsApp numbers each time it is clicked.

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    Our current web scraper built on Python, AWS EC2, and MongoDB is experiencing issues in fetching correct data. The data syncing to our website has been inaccurate for some products. These inaccuracies specifically involve Pricing Information, Stock Availability, and Size Format of certain products. The goal of this project is to successfully update the web scraper to fetch the correct data from the source. Additionally, we need to ensure that the pricing information, stock availability, and size format are accurately synced to our website. The ideal freelancer for this project will have: - Proficient experience in debugging Python codes - Strong knowledge in AWS EC2 and MongoDB - Experience in web scraping and data syncing - Ability to identify and fix inaccuracies in Pricing Informati...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to create an interactive coding platform for both students and professionals. The platform should facilitate coding practice, collaborative coding, and efficient communication. Key Features: - Creation of coding rooms - Problem-solving environment - Text and audio chat capabilities - Collaborative whiteboard Key Technologies: - - Node.js - AWS Lightsail - Sockets - Shadcn - MongoDB Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency with , Node.js, and MongoDB - Prior experience developing interactive platforms - Understanding of Sockets and Shadcn - Experience working with AWS Lightsail - Familiarity with creating collaborative features such as text and audio chat, and whiteboards This project will require a developer who can not only implement the necessa...

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    I'm looking for a skilled professional to help me in setting up the GitHub Actions for my project. The ideal candidate should be well-versed with Linux Ubuntu. You will be responsible for: - Supporting running builds in a container in GitHub Actions - Creating Docker images that can be pulled using GitHub Actions - Setting up a private Docker registry where images can be pushed and pulled - Creating the required Dockerfiles. You should be proficient with GitHub Actions and Docker, and have experience in setting up CI/CD pipelines. A strong background in Devops is must

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    So here are the core features we are looking for. 1. Connect multiple woo commerce sites. We can have more than 1 website 2. Each site will have their own invoicing etc 3. Connect to multiple marketplaces 4. Centralize order management and fulfillment 5. Centralized reporting with product/marketplace level information 6. Centralize all customer information 7. Integrated marketing to send email bursts etc We want to be able to list/edit/delete from our website to these platfodms Fetch and Process orders from including handling shipping this is how we'd like to format our website

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    I'm seeking a skilled professional who can assist in migrating our data from AWS to Azure, and integrate Azure AD for user access. Key Requirements: - Data Migration: The project involves moving files and documents from our existing AWS server to Azure. Proficiency in handling data migration projects is a must. - Azure AD Integration: We currently manage user access to the shared drive on AWS through direct user credentials. The new system should allow the users to access the shared drive in Azure using their Azure AD credentials. - Permissions & Roles: The current user permissions need to be mirrored in Azure AD. This will require setting up the necessary roles and permissions to ensure a seamless transition for our staff. In summary, I'm looking for someone with expertise...

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    I'm seeking a skilled professional to facilitate getting my beauty and personal care products approved for sale on Amazon. Key tasks include: - Assist me in the Amazon brand approval process, taking into consideration that past applications for electronics were rejected. - Help with Amazon brand owner registration, given my current uncertainty about my registration status. Ideal candidate should have: - Experience with Amazon's approval processes and requirements. - Strong understanding of beauty and personal care products sales on Amazon. - Mastery of Amazon's brand registration system. Overall, I need someone with the knowledge to guide me through Amazon's requirements and processes to start selling my beauty products as soon as possible.

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    I'm seeking an experienced Azure specialist to assist with moving a shared drive server from AWS to Azure. Once the migration is complete, I need to ensure that users can access the shared drive using their Azure AD credentials. Key responsibilities will include: 1. Migration from AWS to Azure: You should have prior experience in migrating shared drives. 2. Configuring Azure Files: I need your expertise in setting up Azure Files to ensure the share drive is operational. 3. Setting up Group-based Permissions: I require assistance in establishing group-based access permissions for Azure AD users on the shared drive. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong understanding of Azure services, particularly Azure Files. - Proven experience in migrating servers, specificall...

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    I have a small file server in AWS that needs to be moved to Azure. Once the migration is complete, I need to ensure users can access the share drive on Azure AD. This is an urgent requirement and needs to be done ASAP. Key tasks include: - Migrating a small file server from AWS to Azure - Configuring access for users on Azure AD Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in AWS and Azure cloud services - Familiarity with file server migrations - Proficiency in configuring user access in Azure AD - Ability to work on an urgent timeline and communicate promptly

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    I'm currently facing an "Access-Control-Allow-Headers" error in an AWS Lambda function written in Python. Key Requirements: - Fix the CORS issue: The main task is to resolve the "Access-Control-Allow-Headers" error in the AWS Lambda function. The solution should involve appropriate CORS headers configuration to allow the specified headers. - POST method support: The AWS Lambda function in question needs to support the POST HTTP method. Ensure that the function correctly handles POST requests after the CORS issue has been resolved. Ideal Freelancer: - Proficient in AWS Lambda: You should have hands-on experience working with AWS Lambda and its features like API Gateway, CORS configurations, etc. - Python Expertise: Strong Python programming skills will be essentia...

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    I'm looking for an experienced professional to help me establish and manage my FBA business on Amazon and Shopify. Main focus is baby accessories Key Responsibilities: - identify product or products to sell on Amazon -get the licence to sell the product since the products are gated -assist in sourcing the products - Set up the Amazon and Shopify accounts - Optimize the listings for maximum visibility and conversion - Manage inventory, order fulfillment, and customer service - Implement an effective marketing strategy to drive sales - Monitor and analyze sales performance and make adjustments as needed Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in setting up and managing successful FBA businesses - Expertise in selling products on Amazon (main priority)and Shopify - Proficiency in product lis...

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    I'm looking for a skilled professional to assist me in setting up a domain controller on Azure. This will involve creating a domain to join our servers and users. The primary goal of this setup is to achieve centralized management of our servers and users. We need to create a domain controller and build from there, ensuring smooth and effective operation. Key Responsibilities: - Setting up a domain controller on Azure - Creating a domain to join our servers and users - Granting access to specific users and groups - Ensuring centralized management of servers and users Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in Azure and Windows Server - Prior experience in domain controller setup and management - Understanding of access control and group policies - Ability to streamline IT opera...

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    I'm in need of a professional who specializes in Amazon Product Listing Optimization. I'm particularly looking for someone to optimize my entire Amazon account, focusing primarily on the product listings. The goal is to enhance the visibility and performance of my products on the platform. Key Responsibilities: - Revise and improve product listings - Implement strategic keyword placement - Enhance product descriptions and images Requirements: - Proven experience in Amazon product listing optimization - Strong understanding of Amazon's search algorithm - Ability to deliver measurable results in terms of search visibility and conversion rates If you have the expertise and the track record, I'm keen to hear from you.

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    I'm looking for a professional who can assist me with setting up cloud infrastructure and optimizing performance. I also need help with data storage and management. Key Responsibilities: - Setting up Cloud Infrastructure: This includes configuring and deploying services on Amazon Web Services (AWS). - Performance Optimization: Analyzing, identifying bottlenecks, and optimizing the system for the best performance. - Data Storage and Management: Designing and implementing a robust data storage solution. In addition to the cloud engineering tasks, I also require assistance in Java development. The selected candidate will be responsible for: - Back-end Development: Developing a robust back-end system to support the application's functionality. - Java Application Development: Build...

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    ⚠️ ATTENTION ⚠️: This project opens the door for a long-term partnership if we succeed in implementing this MVP. We are seeking a skilled Python developer with experience in the technologies listed below. Regardless of an extended partnership, all produced code must be transferred (via GitHub). # PROJECT ## Overview The project consists of the following integrated AWS modules: [Orchestrator, Frontend, Brain, Indexer]. The goal is to receive messages via WhatsApp from leads, process a response and send it back, synchronizing everything in a CRM and loading files from Google Drive to support the generation of responses These modules will be developed using - Server: ECS Fargate or ElasticBeanstalk; - Data: stored in RDS Postgres, Amazon S3 and Pinecone (or similar); - Backend: Python usin...

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    I'm in need of an AWS professional who is proficient in IAM roles and is familiar with CDK. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in AWS IAM roles, - Experience in using AWS CDK for infrastructure deployment - Knowledge of additional AWS services will be a plus - Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail - Great communication and time management skills

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    I need an experienced Node.js developer to replace the current open ai with AWS LLM in my project. The main goal of this integration is to enhance the natural language understanding capabilities of the system. Key Requirements: - Replace the current open AI with AWS LLM in a Node.js project - Implement AWS LLM to enhance the natural language understanding capabilities Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Node.js - Experience working with AWS LLM or similar LLM tools - Strong understanding of data processing and natural language understanding - Familiarity with MySQL databases

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    This is a small assignment that can lead to a full time position. The assignment is to deploy successfully MERN stack project that uses GraphQL, apollo, AWS Appsync onto to AWS. This project was written 2 years ago and was successfully deployed on AWS. At that time the node version supported was 12 and the code based was using nodejs 12 to build and deploy onto to aws successfully. Now AWS doesnt support nodejs 12 and only supports nodejs 16 and above. So the codebase need to be upgraded to use nodejs 16 or 18 to successfully build and deploy on AWS. To qualify for interview process please share a wesite url for any demo app or a todo list app built using MERN, Graphql, Apollo and AWS appsync and deploy on AWS. This makes sure that you have chance to use all the technologies and ste...

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    I'm seeking a skilled Azure DevOps professional who can deliver a series of tutorials tailored to an intermediate audience. The tutorials should primarily focus on Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) concepts and implementation within Azure DevOps. The ideal candidate should be able to: - Create engaging and educational content that is suitable for intermediate learners - Share practical exercises with step-by-step guides for hands-on experience - Incorporate best practices, tips, and real-world examples to enhance the learning experience. Experience with Azure DevOps and teaching/tutoring in a technical capacity would be highly beneficial for this project. The content should be clear, concise, and easy-to-understand, guiding learners through the complexities o...

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    I'm looking for a Node.js and MongoDB expert to set up and deploy my social media app. It will be hosted on DigitalOcean. Key Responsibilities: - Set up and deploy Node.js Express app - Integrate MongoDB as the primary database Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Node.js and MongoDB - Prior experience deploying apps on DigitalOcean - Understanding of e-commerce platform setup - Good communication skills to ensure a smooth deployment process If you have experience with similar projects, please bid.

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    You have to change the 3cx Server from our AWS to a Hetzner cloud server. . . If there is a way to don`t change the ip adresse it would save a lot of time. your phone are connected over STUN. It`s a small job. Phone system has only 10 Phones. Feel free to

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    I'm seeking an experienced cloud architect to help us with the infrastructure of our app. We just need a config and cost for it. We are looking for a professional who can efficiently set up and maintain a high-performing and cost-effective cloud server. Wil pay more if it takes. Key Tasks Include: - Analyzing our app requirements to recommend the most suitable cloud platform that can keep costs down without compromising performance. - Setting up the cloud server and ensuring it's optimized for handling more than 500 concurrent users. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in cloud architecture, particularly with AWS, GCP, or Azure. - Adept at managing high traffic applications while keeping server costs low. - Previous work examples showcasing your cloud architecture skills. You...

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
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    I am in need of a professional who can assist me in setting up an individual seller account on Amazon, specifically targeting Indian audions. Key Requirements: - Creation of a new Amazon seller account specifically targeting the Indian Clients - Expertise in understanding and navigating the Amazon seller account creation process - Ability to guide me through the necessary steps and provide insights tailored to selling in the India. Ideal Skills: - Previous experience in setting up Amazon seller accounts - Knowledge of the India market - Strong communication skills to guide me through the process - Understanding of the nuances of selling on Amazon as an individual seller in a specific region I am looking for a freelancer who can not only create the account for me but also provide insi...

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    I’m looking for a proficient AWS solution architect with the following skills and experience: - Profound knowledge in EC2, S3, and RDS services. The appointee would design, implement, and manage these services to boost my AWS resource performance in areas of network, storage, and compute performance. - Demonstrable experience in designing scalable and cost-effective cloud solutions will hold you in high regard. Your main task will be constructing an infrastructure that is within budget yet scalable, putting us ahead of our competition. - I prioritize individuals with proven records of optimizing AWS resources for increased performance, especially in network, storage, and compute facets. Your input will be integral to the success of our project and I am excited to work with a profes...

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    I have an AWS Ubuntu server and need someone to set up three servers for one webpage using AWS load balancer. Key Requirements: - Configure three servers for a high traffic page - Implement AWS load balancer for seamless distribution of traffic - No SSL certificates required - Experience working with AWS and setting up web servers is crucial - Ability to optimize servers for high traffic volume is a plus

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    I have an AWS Ubuntu server and need someone to set up three servers for one webpage using AWS load balancer. Key Requirements: - Configure three servers for a high traffic page - Implement AWS load balancer for seamless distribution of traffic - No SSL certificates required - Experience working with AWS and setting up web servers is crucial - Ability to optimize servers for high traffic volume is a plus

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    We are seeking an experienced freelancer to enhance the performance of our existing multi-player gaming app. The ideal candidate will have significant expertise in MongoDB and AWS, with a strong focus on database performance optimization and best practices. Project Overview: The primary objective is to improve the performance of our MongoDB database and streamline our AWS services to ensure efficient and robust operation. Responsibilities: - Optimize MongoDB database performance. - Implement best practices for indexing and query optimization. - Troubleshoot and resolve performance issues. - Collaborate with our existing team of developers to integrate improvements. Requirements: - Proficiency in MongoDB and AWS. - Demonstrated experience in database performance optimization. - Expertise...

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    I'm in need of a Chrome extension that will allow me to create fixed proxies directly from AWS. The extension should have the following features and requirements: - **Proxy Creation**: The main functionality of this extension will be to allow me to create fixed proxies. I need these proxies to be established directly from my AWS account. - **Fixed Proxy Configurations**: The extension should allow me to set up the proxies in a pre-defined way. I do not need dynamic configurations or user-defined settings. The focus is on consistent and reliable proxies. The completion timeline for this project is flexible, so you can focus on delivering top-notch quality. Ideal skills and experience for this project: - Proficient in Chrome extension development - Experience with AWS integration...

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    i have a code in vba and we have a big for loop on billions of billions lines the program make some operations we cant remove the loop so i wanted to know how we can launch a lot of instance from ec2 and we cut the database in beginnings and for each ec2 we turn the program of part of database i need to develop that all automatically i need someone with good experience on ec2. who know how launch a lot of ec2. with line of commande and control ec2 with line of commands

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    mac AWS cli (5 stars) 3 days left

    Hello - thank you need to get my error messages working smooth ? Can you help me ? Can you help me ? NeXT-2020:~ ej$ aws sts get-caller-identity Traceback (most recent call last): File "/opt/homebrew/bin/aws", line 27, in <module> (main()) ^^^^^^ File "/opt/homebrew/bin/aws", line 23, in main return () ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ File "/opt/homebrew/lib/python3.11/site-packages/awscli/", line 68, in main driver = create_clidriver() ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ File "/opt/homebrew/lib/python3.11/site-packages/awscli/", line 77, in create_clidriver load_plugins(('plugins', {}), ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ File "/opt/homebrew/lib/python3.11/site-packages/botocore/",...

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    IT Project Manager 3 days left

    We're looking for a project manager that handles: - Ticket creation - Task management and collaborating with team members - Code reviewing

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    Hi I have a simple 5-page WordPress site that I need moved from Godaddy to AWS on Lightsail. Need an experienced server person to migrate it and make sure everything works smoothly Also I want you to add Cloudflare to it

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    I'm in search of a Virtual Assistant to handle my Amazon wholesale account based in the UAE. The ideal candidate would have some prior experience in the field and be available for more than 20 hours a week. Key Responsibilities: - Product Sourcing: - Order Management & Fulfillment - Listing - Customer Service & Support: - Complete Account Handling: You will have complete responsibility for the account, so attention to detail and reliability are key. Ideal skills and experience: - Demonstrate prior experience handling order management and customer service. - Ability to work effectively and efficiently in a remote environment.

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    I need someone set up a cloud server for a work. The cloud server is AWS based with Windows installed. I just need to configure and edit the conditions to allow it to run a program (browser) in background. It is a small task and would be done in short time.

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    I'm seeking a freelancer well versed in eBay listings to upload more than 500 collectibles onto my eBay page. Key Job Details: - Upload a high volume of listings (500+) - Items include various collectibles - Formatting: Open to, and indeed looking for, suggestions to best showcase my items. - The job requires experience and success in creating attractive, effective eBay listings. Ideal Skills: - eBay Listing Experience - Knowledge in Collectibles - Good eye for formatting and presentation - Strong attention to detail, as each listed collectible may require unique information and presentation.

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    I'm in need of an experienced AWS Lambda function expert. The project's complexity is high as it includes integrations with various AWS services. The specific task required of the AWS Lambda function is file storage. The successful freelancer should have: - Proven experience with AWS Lambda functions. - Robust understanding of AWS services and integrations. - Expertise in managing file storage within AWS. In your application, please highlight your relevant experience with AWS Lambda functions. Be sure to demonstrate your capability in handling high complexity projects with integrations to other AWS services.

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    Hi Freelancers, I am looking for support on Python and AWS projects. Please share your profile if you have working experience as Python and AWS projects. Thanks

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    We are currently facing a critical issue with our AWS server backend where the EC2 instance and RDS database are operational and running, but the system is not functioning properly. For a period of 3-4 hours, the system and applications worked on personal devices (smartphone and laptop), but no other users could access and use the applications. Additionally, when using a VPN, the applications did not work on personal devices either. Currently, the entire system is non-operational despite the server being up and running. ---Responsibilities: -Diagnose and resolve issues with our AWS server backend, ensuring full functionality for all users. -Investigate the cause of the outage and identify potential vulnerabilities in the system. -Address the specific issue where the system failed to ope...

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    I'm in need of an experienced professional to set up and configure cPanel and WHM in my AWS server. Your task will be to: - Install cPanel and WHM via SSH, utilizing the provided credentials. - Configure cPanel and WHM to ensure that it is optimized for hosting websites. - Please note I donot have the AWS login credetials You will also be tasked with configuring domain names and SSL certificates on cPanel after installation. This includes setting up: - Domain names for the websites that will be hosted on the server. - SSL certificates to ensure secure connections and boost the websites' SEO. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in AWS, cPanel, WHM, and general system administration. Additionally, experience with domain and SSL certificate configuration wo...

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    In search of an advanced Java tutor proficient in AWS, REST API, and microservices using Spring Boot. Aside from these, a solid understanding of Docker is desired. Tutoring sessions should be conducted live online. The ideal candidate: - Is an expert in Java, specifically with AWS, REST API and microservices in Spring Boot - Has comprehensive knowledge of Docker - Can offer live online sessions Your role will involve enhancing my skills in the aforementioned areas, providing explanation, demonstrations, and constructive feedback as we progress. Interest in hands-on teaching is a must! Preference will be given to those who can commence sessions within a short timeframe. Thank you in advance for your interest and bids.

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    I'm in need of an expert in AWS System Manager to automate the configuration of multiple AWS accounts with several instances. Need to create Target Group, Register target group and also create rule for target group. It can be done through CLI easily but we need to do same thing by writing script in runbook, executing it and resolving error if there any comes in between. The person should have aws access so that they can show me in their system and then we can connect and do this task

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    I'm looking for an expert who can implement a UAV drone path planning algorithm on the Amazon Web Services cloud platform. The purpose of this implementation is to boost the efficiency and scalability of our drone operations. Key Project Details: - The path planning algorithm is specifically targeted for a quadcopter drone; experience with this type of UAV is a necessity. - Your main tasks will revolve around designing and implementing the algorithm on AWS. - Python language and the AWS SDK are the preferred tools for this job. Proficiency in these areas is a must. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong experience with UAV drones, particularly quadcopters. - Proven track record of implementing path planning algorithms. - Proficiency with Python and the AWS SDK. - Knowledge of Amazon ...

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    I need an expert in AWS/Azure and Cyber security who can assist with providing answers to advanced level interview questions. - The ideal candidate should have advanced knowledge in AWS/Azure services and features. - Strong familiarity with common interview questions in the field is a huge plus. - The task involves offering concise and elaborate answers to advanced level questions. - The project does not require conducting mock interviews or creating interview questions. Only providing detailed and insightful answers. Your assistance will be invaluable in helping me prepare for upcoming interviews where my knowledge and expertise in AWS/Azure will be thoroughly assessed.

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    **Project Overview:** We are seeking an experienced developer to create a solid foundational Node.js + project. This initial project should be well-organized to allow for future growth. The project will include route pages for patients and doctors. **Project Deliverables:** 1. **Node.js + Server:** - A well-structured and organized Node.js + project. - Routes for patients and doctors. 2. **AWS CloudFormation Template:** - **DynamoDB:** - Creation of a table named `users`. - Routes in the Node.js server to add, edit, delete, and update items in this table. The only required field is `user_id`. - **Cognito:** - Two user pools. - Routes for creating accounts in both user pools (additional fields to be defined during discussions). - **ECS:** - A ...

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    My infra: Microservices based application hosted in AWS EKS and exposed to internet using Nginx Ingress Controller. Problem : Nginx ingress controller provisions network load balancers which does not support WAF. I cannot change nginx ingress as i have customs headers and annotations to be added which is possible in nginx. Requirement: Need to use WAF for security. Find the efficient solution which is cost effective also. My research : I have seen solutions like using Cloudfront of AWS API gateway in front of the NLB, or use AWS load balancer controller and nginx controller together. But i cannot find proper documentation on how to achieve what i want in detail.

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    We are seeking an experienced freelancer to enhance the performance of our existing multi-player gaming app. The ideal candidate will have significant expertise in MongoDB and AWS, with a strong focus on database performance optimization and best practices. Project Overview: The primary objective is to improve the performance of our MongoDB database and streamline our AWS services to ensure efficient and robust operation. Responsibilities: - Optimize MongoDB database performance. - Implement best practices for indexing and query optimization. - Troubleshoot and resolve performance issues. - Collaborate with our existing team of developers to integrate improvements. Requirements: - Proficiency in MongoDB and AWS. - Demonstrated experience in database performance optimization. - Expertise...

    $21 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    57 bids

    I am in need of a professional with strong expertise in AWS, particularly Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS. The job entails primarily monitoring and troubleshooting AWS infrastructure. Key Responsibilities: - Monitor Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS services on a regular basis - Quickly identify and address any issues that may arise - Ensure our AWS infrastructure is consistently performing at an optimal level Ideal Candidate: - Previous experience managing, monitoring, and troubleshooting Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS - Familiarity with AWS best practices and security standards - Proven track record of maintaining robust and reliable cloud environments - Strong communication skills to explain complex technical issues in simple terms - AWS certification would be a plus

    $8 - $15 / hr
    $8 - $15 / hr
    44 bids

    I'm in need of a skilled Python backend developer who's well-versed in Django and Flask. The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of cloud architecture, specifically AWS. Key Responsibilities: - Database design and management: You should be able to create efficient and scalable database structures. - API development and integration: You will be responsible for building APIs and integrating them with various services. - Performance optimization: You should have expertise in improving the performance of applications. Since AWS is our preferred cloud platform, previous experience with it is desirable. Your understanding of AWS services will be crucial for deploying and scaling our application effectively. Please provide details of your experience with Django, Flask, ...

    $9 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $9 / hr Avg Bid
    33 bids

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